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Must Notice These Key Aspects To Target On Rescuing Your House From Fire Disaster
By shikha
On Fri Dec 11, 2020 02:05 AM
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There are a huge number of fire accidents happening every year either because of carelessness or unfortunate. You can save your house from such incidents by simply taking care of some things.

Packers and Movers in Chennai will suggest you some tips to rescue your house from fire. These are very simple and easy to follow tips which will help you and your loved ones for not being the victim in a house fire.

Test your smoke alarms

Keeping a smoke alarm is not the way to rescue but checking them regularly whether they are working or not will rescue you at the time you need them.

Well there are two types of smoke alarms, battery operated and automatic one which is fixed by the electrician itself and is connected properly by wiring.

If you are having the battery operated then make sure to check the batteries on time and change if needed while Packers and Movers Chennai suggest you to go with the automatic one as they are better for long run and you will not have to check them again and again.

Packers And Movers Chennai

Check the natural gas/ LPG system in your home

Check the gas wires, leaking valves, anything flammable thing near gas wires should be removed as they can catch and spread fire all around.

Most of the times kitchen fire is caused by LPG so make sure to check it regularly so as to avoid any such accidents.

Movers and packers in Chennai suggests you to turn off everything if you smell gas around the kitchen as anything can catch fire. Open all the windows so that all the gas can go out safely.

If any switch is open then turn off it by wearing a rubber sandal or have a wooden stick in hand. Be alert whenever such happens and especially when moving out for 2-3 days or more, turn off the regulator to be free from fire accidents.

Check the air conditioning and heating units in your home

Hire a professional engineer to check the air conditioner and other appliances every year. Clean the AC coils properly as this will help the fan motor to work more efficiently and also save your pocket on electricity bills.

Also do not forget to provide lubrication to parts where needed. While in heaters, make sure to clean the resistance coils and other parts during the end of winter season as dust may accumulate in the parts because during summer season such appliances are not in use during that time.

Local Packers and Movers Chennai suggest you to hear the sounds near the appliances like if you hear some tapping sound or grumping sounds then it may be an indication of loose parts that should be fixed as early as possible.

Avoid using extension cords for air conditioners

This is definitely not an advisable activity because using an extension cord for heavy appliances can result in spark across wiring and can turn in a big accident. So always remember that heavy appliances like television and refrigerator should have their own and separate cords. Also there will be mess all round house due to the wires roaming and you have to be much careful with small kids because little ignorance can cause an accident with them also you have to be alert with water because once water gets inside the cord it can give you a shock and current.

Maintain your fireplace correctly

Always check that your fireplace does not have any metal or other quick flammable things which can make the fire so high.

Also check that the wood you use in the fireplace should be dry so that ashes of wood do not pop out. Some woods pop a lot when burnt so take care of that as that can injure you accidently. Clean your chimney at least once in a year.

Do not cook when drinking alcohol, or using drugs or when too tired

Never cook when you are not in the right state of your mind as it will surely lead to an accident so Household Shifting in Chennai suggest you to do not use any cooking devices while you are not in the perfect mental and physical condition.

All these tips will help you to live a safe and accident free life but now what to do if you caught in a fire accident. At that time many people just lose their life because of hurry and anxiety but you have to be very smart and calm during such conditions and packers and movers in Chennai will suggest you some tips to save yourself from fire accident.
Plan the route to go outside.
Use fire extinguishers
Help other people and animals and do not waste time saving your belongings (money, gold, etc.)
Do not panic
Get out and stay out

You should also keep some fire safety products at your home so that to help you out in fire accidents or anyone who is caught in such accident. Local Movers and Packers Chennai will suggest you some fire safety products to keep with you at home.
Fire extinguishers
Fire blanket
Smoke detectors
Fire escape ladder
Home fire sprinklers
Smoke detectors
Carbon monoxide alarms

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