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The Spurs will need NBA 2K18 MT
By mtnba2k Comments: 3, member since Sun Aug 27, 2017
On Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:27 PM

The Spurs will need Parker to be close to NBA 2K18 MT his best in Game 4 as they look to take a commanding 3-1 series lead over Golden State. More from SB Nation:• Kevin Durant vs. the world• Damian Lillard was more than ready for NBA• Why Len is a better prospect than Noel• Joakim Noah: Flicked off, flirting with death• Rose might be scared, and that's OK• Living and working with anxiety disorder

Stephen Curry injury: Warriors star's left ankle sprain leaves status for Game 4 in doubt View all 42 stories Sam Hinkie, the Sixers and Andrew Bynum -

The Sixers announced the hire of Sam Hinkie as the team's new general manager on Friday. Hinkie has been No. 1 on the unofficial Ziller's Assistant GMs Who Should Get GM Jobs Power Rankings for about three years now. (Ryan McDonough, recently hired by the Suns as GM, had vaulted to No. 2 after Paul Flannery's longform feature on him.

My list needs revisions, apparently. Spoiler alert: Troy Weaver is the new No. 1.)Hinkie worked under Daryl Morey, the poster child for advanced analytics in NBA 2K18 MT Coins the NBA. Hinkie's background is the typical quant path: worked for an investment firm, has an MBA, loves basketball and applied data-crunching to the sport.

The Sixers' owner is an investment banker and last year hired away the Grizzlies' advanced stats guru Aaron Barzilai. So the fit is there.More: Liberty Ballers reactsThe question concerns the Sixers' biggest quandary heading into the offseason: does Andrew Bynum fit there, too?