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wood cnc router , wood engaving machine, wood lathe
By Sebahtstian Comments: 17, member since Mon Mar 13, 2017
On Sun Apr 16, 2017 08:02 PM


With imported linear guide, strong bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision

Three axle rack drive, high precision, high wear resistance

Full range of optional lubrication system, centralized lubrication to reduce the maintenance of the customer's workload, greatly extend the life of the guide rail;

The high performance, high torque, high efficiency, high performance, good performance, high torque and high efficiency are selected.

The use of professional brand-name drivers and motors, Y axis dual motor drive, faster, better stability

Can be compatible with any of the world's advanced CAM software


Scope of application

Classic mahogany furniture, white wood furniture, antique carved furniture, wall hollow, solid wood doors, wooden craft, paint free door, cabinet door, all kinds of process window, desk, sofa, furniture, advertising signs, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic boxes, wall made of aluminum, copper processing, composite plates and other non-ferrous metal mold process
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