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Cnsuperpower Log Splitter can be attached to the cylinder wall
By BerniceSparks Comments: 3, member since Fri Mar 10, 2017
On Fri Mar 10, 2017 07:44 PM

(23) Why does the oil in the Black Diamond Log Splitter crankcase become black when the machine is used for some time?

The oil is not only sealed, cooled, the role of lubrication, as well as the function of dissolved carbon deposition, the engine cylinder can be attached to the cylinder wall and the piston surface of the dissolved dissolved in the carbon, while the engine running metal powder Dissolved and suspended in the oil, while the internal parts of the engine to keep clean and reduce wear and tear. With the engine working time lengthened, the oil dissolved in the carbon and metal powder will gradually increase the oil color will gradually deepen into black.

(24) Some engines marked OHV, OHV What does it mean? What are the characteristics?

A: OHV is the English abbreviation of OverHead Valve, the Chinese translated as "overhead exhaust valve". The function is: First, from the location point of view, the exhaust valve is not as usual in the side of the cylinder but at the top of the engine; Second, from the functional point of view, in the same displacement, OHV can increase the output torque, The temperature is reduced, the working efficiency is improved, the fuel is saved.

(25) Why is some lawn machine power small enough to cut grass strong?

A: different countries of the Log Splitter power marked with different methods, some marked in the maximum speed of the maximum output, and some marked is the rated speed of the output, so we will see some of the lawn machine power, The output is not big; some power is small, the output but large. Of course, the effect of cutting grass will be different accordingly.