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Fire safety belts must be used in automotive Rubber Drive Belts
By BerniceSparks Comments: 2, member since Fri Mar 10, 2017
On Fri Mar 10, 2017 07:19 PM

Fire safety belts must be used in V Belt Supply conjunction with safety hooks and safety ropes. Safety belt around the waist of the firefighters, with two semi-circular ring, you can climb operations. Such as two semi-circular ring hanging a security hook, firefighters in the hanging or hanging when the balance play a role. Fire safety belts are reliable equipment for the safety of firefighters, and can also be used as labor safety belts for other departments.

Use of V Belts

Abstract: V Belts are used in the safety of equipment, in the high-altitude operations and technical performances, in order to protect the safety of the tape. The main raw material is polyester, polypropylene, nylon. V Belt not only refers to the ribbon, in addition to the ribbon, V Belts and other parts assembled from.

The personal fall protection system is a complete set of products necessary to connect workers with fixed points, which can completely prevent the occurrence of falling from a height or can completely prevent the occurrence of such a situation. The use of these products alone can not provide protection against falling. However, if these components are well combined, they will form a personal fall protection system that is extremely important to the safety of the workplace and the overall fall protection plan. Personal fall protection system products include hanging point, hanging connection, intermediate connector, body safety belt.

Building safety belts are safe appliances that prevent falling from falling. Height of more than 1.5m, there is no other measures to prevent falling, you must use the V Belt.

Former safety belts made of leather, canvas or chemical fiber materials, according to national standards have now produced Rubber Drive Belts. According to the work situation is divided into: high-altitude operation of rubber belts, shelves with nylon V Belts, electrical harness and other types of metal belts.