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How to check your required web hosting ?
By amberhunt Comments: 1, member since Thu Feb 16, 2017
On Thu Feb 16, 2017 04:41 AM
Edited by amberhunt (280163) on 2017-02-16 04:43:05

Many websites are offering free hosting for their customers in order to provide good services. The main thing which must be considered is the exact requirement according to your business. This means you have to evaluate your website size and its actual content. For this, check for the amount of space that it is occupying and also ensure that what type of services that you would be offering. For example, if you want to just display the contents over the web in a static website, then you must consider a shared hosting. This shared hosting is available over the internet via any hosting provider. This Webhost lets you add your site and charge you on monthly basis. This is a cheaper option available for you. Furthermore, if you are making any e-commerce website, then surely you must get a personal webhosting with a huge storage space followed by a good bandwidth for accessing it faster.